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Chiropractic Technique

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with your pain and the so called answers you get from your doctors?

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with your pain and the so called answers you get from your doctors?

Suffering But Afraid?

Are you afraid because you don’t want to have the bones of your neck and back “Twisted And Popped?” Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with your pain and the so called “answers” you get from your doctors? Is the pain ruining your life? Are you tired of out dated, second rate care, pills, medication and physical therapy? Are you still getting the runaround from the so called experts? Have you heard that a chiropractor may help, but are terrified about having your spine “cracked”?

If you really want to find out what is going on once and for all and find out about our safe, effective, gentle, electronic instrument that comfortably “taps” your spine back into proper alignment then be sure to read this because what you discover here may change your life forever.

I Do Something that is Safe, Effective and Long Lasting.

The procedures used at Packer Chiropractic are different than the techniques used by other chiropractors in the North Easton area.

Our Technique

They are a combination of classical chiropractic procedures dating back to the 1920’s and cutting edge, high-tech examination and care protocols that are very specific, effective, gentle and comfortable without having the bones of your spine twisted and popped.

They emphasize gently correcting problems in spinal alignment which can be the cause of your symptoms. We use a very effective, hand held, high tech, high speed, low force electronic instrument. (This is NOT a spring-loaded activation device.) Patients who find that twisting and popping their spines makes them uncomfortable will be very pleased with the smoothness and comfort of this type of care. It can be used on all patients.

This tool produces measurable changes in spinal alignment to gently correct the cause of your symptoms. This can all be done without forceful twisting, popping or cracking.

Safe, Comfortable, Effective and Produces Wonderful Results

My internships and personal training with several world-renowned chiropractic experts gave me the basis to develop the specialized procedures we use at Packer Chiropractic. I have spent the last 40 years refining them. These procedures are all natural. They are safe, comfortable, effective and produce wonderful results.

{PJ} Chiropractic Techniques

The chiropractic instrument allows for a very specific, controlled and targeted adjustment. The speed of the instrument allows the adjustment to be faster than the tendency to tighten up and resist. This allows your spine to be gently and reliably realigned so that your nervous system functions better. A nervous system that does not function correctly is the cause of many people’s health problems…just like a faulty electrical system can make your car run badly.

Patients who were afraid of someone twisting, cracking or popping their spine are pleased by this gentle procedure that gets excellent results. Many people who come to us who have been to other Chiropractors say they prefer my own pain free techniques and procedures.

Each color represents differing amounts of nervous system disturbance.

Each color represents differing amounts of nervous system disturbance.

Surface EMG Surface Electromyography

At Packer Chiropractic, we utilize an advanced chiropractic technology that scans your spine and delivers a computerized image of the stress and tension to your nervous system.

Surface Electromyography measures the minute amounts of electrical energy in the muscles along your spine. Subluxations disturb the function of the nervous system. This can produce too much or too little electrical activity in your muscles.

We use this highly-accurate, non-invasive scan to document your progress. It’s more accurate than how you feel.

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