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Meet Dr. Eugene L. Packer

A Family History of Chiropractic Dating Back to World War II

North Easton Chiropractor, Dr. Eugene L. Packer

Dr. Eugene L. Packer

“My dad inspired me to become a chiropractor… I think he wanted to become a chiropractor himself.”

“During his service in World War II, my dad was severely injured. He suffered from lower back pain that worked down to his legs and feet. Medical professionals told him he was permanently disabled due to the injury. They suggested procedures like surgery, nerve block and even cutting the nerves to his feet.”

Miraculous Results

“A friend convinced my father to try chiropractic. Because he didn’t want to undergo the invasive procedures that had been recommended, he decided to give chiropractic a shot. He had his spine adjusted. The results were miraculous.”

“The adjustments never hurt, and they provided the relief he was looking for. He got his life back.”

Changing Lives Through Chiropractic Care in Easton

“When I became a chiropractor, I was amazed by the transformation I could bring to people’s lives.”

Chiropractic can provide relief to people who’ve lost hope. It can turn your situation around. It can make you feel better and start living life.

Education Spreads Awareness

During my chiropractic education at Palmer College, I was amazed by the wide scope of chiropractic. “I found that chiropractic could be the key to long-term health and wellness.”

A lack of chiropractic awareness is what hinders its reach. Chiropractic has the potential to change lives, but convincing people to leave the typical sickness care model is difficult. That’s why education is also part of our mission.

Healthy, Active Family

My wife Linda and I have two daughters. When I’m not at the office, I spend time with my family skiing, gardening and hiking.

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