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Chiropractic & Other Health Related Links



» Drug Dangers — Drug Dangers was developed to educate the public and lend a hand to people who have been affected by defective drugs and medical devices.

» Association of Chiropractic Colleges — Links to most chiropractic colleges and universities.

» Canadian Chiropractic Association — Excellent list of links to chiropractic colleges, chiropractic associations and chiropractic journals.

» Board of Registration of Chiropractors

» ChiroWeb — Directory of Chiropractors and diverse source of chiropractic information for chiropractors, chiropractic patients and chiropractic students.

» Chiropractic Clinical Practice — Guidelines/References

» Chiropractic Resource Organization — Excellent and sometimes controversial articles and information on chiropractic.

» PlanetChiropractic — Interesting information and articles on the chiropractic profession.

» International Chiropractors Association

» World Chiropractic Alliance — Health Watch

» Today’s Chiropractic — Features articles on celebrities who advocate chiropractic care for health and wellness.

» Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research — Chiropractic Research

Drug Information

» Drug Watch — Drug Information, Side Effects and Interactions.

» International Coalition for Drug Awareness

» MedLine Plus Drug Information: Drugs, Herbs & Supplements — Never take medication or give it to your children without consulting this resource first. Check drugs for side effects, warnings, contraindications and adverse reactions.

Resources for Parents

» International Chiropractic Pediatric Association — Visit the ICPA website for more info about children and chiropractic.

» Baby Reference — The New Science Behind What’s Really Important When Caring for Your Baby.

» Back Pack Safety America — Information on the importance of using a backpack properly to prevent damage to a child’s growing spine and skeleton.

» National Vaccine Safety Information Center — Outstanding resource on vaccine and immunization. A must-see for every parent considering immunizing their children.

» Vaccine Information — Provides information on vaccines, and the immunization policies and practices.

» Consumer Dangers — Provides information on recalls, products and foods.

Health Information & Research

» Dr. Mercola – Natural Health — Natural health information articles and Health newsletter by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

» Healthcare Research Quality — Agency for healthcare research and quality.

» Human Research Protection

» Mesothelioma — Chiropractic care has been linked to alleviating the pain associated with chemotherapy and constant surgeries that cancer patients undergo. The Mesothelioma Center offers the most comprehensive and current information on asbestos exposure and a complete list of malignant mesothelioma symptoms.

» MSNBC Health Library — Find a Range of Medical & Health Related Information & News Articles from Around the World.

» National Library of Medicine — The world’s largest medical library. Provides information and research services in all areas of biomedicine and health care.

» National Guideline Clearinghouse — A public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.

» Consumers Research Council of America — Provides consumers’ information guides for professional services throughout America.

» The Hunger Site — Click here for an easy and free way to help feed those in need at The Hunger Site!

» Basic Spine Surgery — Spine Surgery Center Located in Orange County California.

» So Cal Pain Center — So Cal Pain Management Centers specializes in treating difficult back conditions using pain-psychology and minimally invasive techniques.

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